2015 Ikea Catalog Top Five

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On August 27, a new Ikea will open within minutes from my house. I am so excited!!
The 2015 catalogs were sent out a few weeks ago. And, in preparation for my local grand opening, I’ve selected my top five items from the catalog.
This is the item I’ve patiently been waiting to buy. Ever in desperate need of storage in the craft room, I am counting on this shelf unit (with drawers) to keep my printer, makings in progress and photography props.
Image Credit: Ikea
First reason I like this chair, it is simply and vintage-y. Second reason, it is just asking for up-cycling. The frame can be painted and new covers can be made.
Image Credit: Ikea
This cabinet has such a small footprint, 18 inches. Yet, it is 43 inches tall. It looks great in both variations – white & gray and pink.
Image Credit: Ikea
So mid-century looking! I love it in the yellow and the dark blue. If I had to choose, I would go with the dark blue.
Image Credit: Ikea
I love the colors, the fact that it is naturally soil-repellent and durable.
Image Credit: Ikea
What items caught your eye in the catalog?

xo Iris

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