2016 Presidential Campaign Logos

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We are about to get political here on Make it Amazing. Well sort of. But it certainly is as political as we are going to get around here. Today we are taking a look at the logos of the current 19 presidential hopefuls from the Democratic and Republican parties.

For the sake of remaining absolutely neutral, we will go in alphabetical order both in parties and candidates.

First up, the Democrats.


Lincoln Chafee: This logo is only one of two logos that incorporated a color besides blue and red. The green border around the oval is small but it almost makes the logo look out-of-place in the sea of blue and red. Maybe that’s a good thing – maybe that’s fresh? I did notice that there are 13 stars in the logo. The following is an extreme-stretch! Maybe the use of the 13 stars isn’t the best idea in light of the issues with the use of the confederate flag. At least he isn’t from the south.

Hillary Clinton: “I don’t need to tell you my name, you know who I am” — that’s what I hear when I look at this logo. Overall the message is consistent with her ‘forward’ campaign.

Martin O’Malley: First impression – is this the HLN logo?

Bernie Sanders: Take note of the star as the dot on the ‘i’…you’ll see it again.

Jim Webb: Look! A star on the ‘i’ again! Good font choice.


Jeb Bush: Total throwback looking logo. No? Probably one of my favorites. Design wise that is because Make it Amazing does not have a political opinion.

Ben Carson: They easily could have used the same shade of blue for the ‘for president’ but they didn’t and I think that makes it a bit more modern but still old school with the font choice.

Chris Christie: Super sleek. Goes well with the “telling it like it is” slogan. A straightforward design for a candidate who wants to be straightforward.

Ted Cruz: I don’t like the font or the color that they chose for his name. It just looks so dated.

Carly Fiorina: Not particularly a fan of the star in the ‘A’ but I guess she didn’t have an ‘i’ so they had to make due. Seems a little soft to me, could have been much stronger.

Lindsay Graham: Traditional. Guess that goes with the fact that he is from the south. Seeing as they chose a non-serif font for ‘president’ they should have left it regular and not italicized it.

Mike Huckabee: I can’t help but contrast the ‘higher ground’ in his slogan with the highly accentuated valley in the logo. Maybe the stars are moving to higher ground? I don’t understand it. This is the other logo which includes a color besides blue and red, but I think of yellow as a traditional US color anyway so Chafee is really the only one that deserves credit for going for another crayon.

Bobby Jindal: I like the softer shade of blue that he chose. But the ‘J’ reminds me too much of President Obama’s ‘O’.

George Pataki: I’m confused by the lack of alignment on the left of the logo and why they didn’t include a red strip next to the blue stripe on the flag.

Rand Paul: The logo comes in variations of black and white. The only color is the red in the flame. I feel like that is supposed to mean something like being very clear and straight to the point…

Rick Perry: In theory, I really like this one. In execution, not so much. The ‘P’ inside of the circle should have been more prominent, the star kind of over powers the letter. That being said, I am a big fan of round logos and I think they did a good job on it – just not a perfect job.

Marco Rubio: Hmmm…all lowercase. Different. Why isn’t ‘Rubio’ in blue? But look…he didn’t use a star on his ‘i’! Instead he used the country (minus Alaska and Hawaii). That star works in the earlier examples because it is a simple shape. As far as using the country’s outline, I would think that it would be difficult to distinguish on a small logo.

Rick Santorum: I don’t like it. I don’t like how the eagle is just flying past. Perhaps we should have had a head on view of the eagle…. I don’t know.

Donald Trump: Not too bad. The contrast between the red and blue is a but much but besides that I think it’s good overall.

What are your thoughts on the 2016 presidential campaign logos? Do you have a favorite?

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