About Make it Amazing

Make it Amazing was conceptualized no less than five years before its launch in January 2014. We’ll get back to that five year planning period in just a second.

We are intent on collectively creating lives that are purposeful and colorful by cultivating meaningful relationships, following dreams, making beautiful things and participation in the world around us.

Most importantly, we don’t want to wait around planning. Let’s do this now.

Never ever do we want to repeat the mistake we made with the launch of Make it Amazing. Keep waiting for the perfect moment and you’ll get nothing done. Nothing.

The blog features craft projects that are simple and quick. We know you’re busy and only have a little bit of precious craft time in your week. Let’s get something done in that time. You will also find posts about life, travel and pop culture.

The shop is full of happy goodies that are designed to bring fun and lightheartedness into your everyday. Our prints are uplifting – sometimes cheeky. Our mugs are cute – sometimes sarcastic.

The society is where we hang out with our BFFs. We love loving on our friends and it is common for them to get gifts all the time. Wont you join us?

Want more information? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

About Iris the Creative Director


If you’re looking for Iris, start at her craft studio. If she’s not there check in front of the tv. If she’s not there, she’s at Target. Seriously.

She’s been craft-obsessed longer than the Real Housewives of Orange County have been on Bravo and she is always coming up with something new to try.

In addition to creative directoring at Make it Amazing, she is the founder and principal of Pier Creative Group.

Go on and reach out to her. She’s too shy to make the first move.

instagram: @its_me_iris
twitter: @its_me_iris
email: iris@makeitamazing.net