No Words

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I’ve never visited France. I’ve never walked the streets of Paris. I’ve never. I’ve never watched a show at the Bataclan. I’ve never cheered on a team at the Stade de France. I’ve never had a meal or drink at … Continued

Thanksgiving Invitation

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You searched and searched until you found the absolute most perfect mashed potato recipe. You’ll be using your great-grandmothers secret to get the delicious turkey the whole family looks forward to each year. The pumpkin pie you’re making? It is … Continued

Fall Fabric Scrap Wreath

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It is a talent to be able to coordinate fabrics for a project. A true undervalued talent. You walk into the fabric section of your favorite craft store and there are so many options! You don’t have the time to … Continued

Rhinestone Pumpkin

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A few weeks ago I started decorating the house for fall. I typically refrain from using anything with too much Halloween flair until October. When browsing through Michael’s I saw that their craft pumpkins were on sale and I decided … Continued

Books on Creativity

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Lately, I’ve been reading more often and constantly adding new books to my reading list. These books on the skill of being creative are definitely on my reading list. The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp One of the world’s leading … Continued

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