Cuba Five Years Ago

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In recognition of the newly reestablished diplomatic ties between the United States and Cuba, I wanted to go down memory lane to when I was able to visit the island some time ago. While I wasn’t able to be a fledged tourist (due to the travel restrictions), I did have the opportunity to capture some of the essence of Havana. Now that travel restrictions have loosened a bit, I would like to take a cultural tour to learn more about the buildings, the history, and the people. I’d like to share with you just a few snapshots that I took about five years ago.


In addition to the large number of 1950s American cars, there is a significant number of Russian cars in the city.

havana-cuba-5 havana-cuba-6 havana-cuba-4 havana-cuba-2

Iglesia de Paula


There is a very interesting juxtaposition between the old Spanish architecture and some more contemporary buildings. I believe the more modern building is part of the university.


Chamber of Commerce Building, now an office building.

havana-cuba-8 havana-cuba-9 havana-cuba-11 havana-cuba-10

El Capitolio, once used for the government, it then became a cultural office. I believe they are in the process of re-establishing its use as a government building.


I would really like to return to Cuba on a cultural trip, it would be interesting to learn the stories behind all the buildings.

xo Iris

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