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Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS is everywhere – you can find it on every must-read list and it is on the book cases of all of your favorite bloggers. girlboss-2#GIRLBOSS begins with some back story about Sophia while she was younger. She attended a few schools growing up and never really fit into any of them. As a young adult she partook in some very dangerous (i.e. hitchiking) activities until she was forced into playing by society’s rules due to a need for health insurance. Soon afterwards she launched Nasty Gal on eBay which was the first step in her success.

girlboss-3To be honest, I don’t shop at Nasty Gal, and I didn’t really know about Sophia. But I saw her book pretty much everywhere and so I decided to read it. As it turns out, we are about the same age. So, when she chronicled her life, I was always comparing it to where I was at that time.  girlboss-4The first two-thirds of the book are great. Awesome. Her story is exactly what so many small business ladies need to hear. Desire and hard work go a long long way. Sophia is so honest about her experiences and never tries to make it seem as if she had a perfectly strategized plan. A lot of her early career was decided and managed as it happened. I thought this was particularly great for those of us that get stuck in the planning phase. Some times we just need to start.
girlboss-5However, when she got to the modern-day in her story, I began to feel lectured. Sophia writes about how it was hard work that led her to success and only hard work. If younger Sophia were to read the last third of this book, I think she would feel discouraged. I feel like the person Sophia is now that she’s succesful is worlds away from then Sophia she was when she started.

I will however, give her credit for a highly quotable book. Those included on this post are a just some of the sentences I highlighted.  girlboss-7

Would I recommend the book? I would definitely recommend the first two-thirds. I know that the general consensus is that this book is great and perhaps it is my personal story that influences my opinion on her attitude in the last part of the book. I get that. girlboss-8

#GIRLBOSS is a quick read that could motivate the hope-to-be biz lady. There are a number of lessons in the book that Sophia shares that are insightful. Most of those lessons have to do with being true and honest with yourself about yourself and with being open to doing things that scare you.

Have you read @GIRLBOSS? What did you think about it?

xo Iris

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