Hello September

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make it amazing

Happy September first! No? Not that excited about the beginning of September? I’m a bit excited.

I’m looking forward to cooler days and nights.

I’m looking forward to spending time with friends and family as the holiday season approaches.

I’m looking forward to enjoying fall before moving on to my favorite, winter.

I’m looking forward to decorating the house in with fall colors.

Usually I side-step fall because I’m so excited for the start of winter. But this year, and partially because of this blog, I am going to be much more intentional with being present and enjoying the fall months.

I’d love to hear about your fall traditions – I may need to incorporate some new ones around here.

xo Iris

P.S. – I’ve been going back and forth about participating in Brave Love Blog’s Blogtember Challenge, and I’ve decided to go for it. Those posts will go live later in the afternoon each day. I am planning on continuing my regular posting schedule as well so you are going to get a double dose of Make it Amazing! Yay! Right?

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