Clay Marble Clock

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So, I’m not exactly sure how successful this DIY project is. In theory and at first glance everything seems ok. But, I thought that it would be a statement piece. And well, it’s not really saying anything at all…

Let’s take a look at this DIY marble clock made of oven bake clay.

DIY Marble Clock | Make it Amazing

– oven bake clay in three colors
– clock making kit

– craft knife
– oven
– oven safe tray that you don’t use for food

Using clay to make marbled items really isn’t new at all. There are plenty of tutorials online about how best to do this.

Here is what I did.

DIY Marble Clock | Make it Amazing

I first tried with equal parts all three colors – it came out way too dark. So I did it again with mostly white and coral and just a bit of black for the marbling.

My advice – if you want it to be a light color in the end use gray instead.

DIY Marble Clock | Make it Amazing

You begin by rolling the colors into thin string like pieces. Then you’ll twist all of those pieces around one another.

DIY Marble Clock | Make it Amazing

You’ll roll out the clay into a single string again and then once it gets long, twist it upon itself.

Lastly you’ll ball the clay into well, a ball and then flatten it out using a rolling-pin. Or a big roll of clear packing tape like I did.

DIY Marble Clock | Make it Amazing

The clock making kit will include all of the bits the you’ll need as well as the instructions.

Use the clock parts to make a hole in the center before cooking.

DIY Marble Clock | Make it Amazing

I wanted to keep the clock in a circle shape so I used a plate to trace it out and a craft knife to cut.

It’s ready to bake. Read the instructions on the clay you’re using I baked at 275 degrees for about 30 minutes.

By the way, your eyes are not  deceiving you – I didn’t like the pattern on the first clock I cut out so I rolled it into a ball and then flattened it out again. That’s why it looks different in the next picture.

DIY Marble Clock | Make it Amazing

Tada – a DIY oven baked clay marble clock!

xo Iris

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