Project Life 2016 – The Plan

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Project Life 2016 | Make it Amazing

I am so so so so so so stoked to have finished my 2015 Project Life album. And I am just as excited to begin my 2016 album.
Project Life 2016 | Make it Amazing

The Album

This year I will be using a 9×12″ album from A Beautiful Mess. I saw a number of people working with this size in 2015 and I knew early on that I would use it in 2016. So much so that I watched like a hawk until the pages were restocked; this wasn’t really necessary seeing as they are still available and Studio Calico has a 9×12″ version too.
Project Life 2016 | Make it Amazing


I’m still at the gold party, even though the crowd has dwindled. I’ll be using other metals too. Basically what I’m saying is that the album will have lots of gold, and some silver and copper.

Project Life 2016 | Make it Amazing

I Won’t be Using Dividers

Studio Calico had these dividers on sale and I went ahead and purchased them. When they arrived I noticed their size – 9.6×12.25″ and for a second thought they wouldn’t work with 9×12″ pages. But I shrugged that off because why would SC sell dividers for 9×12″ albums that are smaller than the page protectors?!?

Turns out – they are not the right size! Too small! Ugh.

I want to use them anyway, so I cut them down to 4×6″ and will include them in the album that way.Project Life 2016 | Make it Amazing

No Weekly Cards

Because I am using a single 9×12″ page for each week, I decided to forgo the weekly cards. This way I get some extra space for memories. I did use post it notes throughout the album to make sure that the pages remain weekly capsules, but the week numbers will not be included in the final pages.Project Life 2016 | Make it Amazing

Round Corners

I never thought this would happen. I really really like the look of the square corners, but I have so many 3×4″ cards with round edges that I want to use.

Have you made your final decisions for your 2016 Project Life album yet?

xo Iris

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