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When Southern Charm first premiered last year, I wasn’t into it. Then, I binged watched season one after it had gone off the air and I was hooked! I was so excited for the premiere of season two this year. If you haven’t had the wonderful opportunity to watch yet – I suggest you tune into the season finale next Monday and then have a marathon afterwards.

While the storylines maybe be less than stellar – law school grads studying for the bar, recent divorcees starting their life again, blah blah blah. The cast members are what make the show more than worthwhile.


Meet Cameran Eubanks (now Wimberly) – she is the level-headed one on the show (read: normal). She is the one who is able to reason things in a mature way and is able to understand people. She is married to a mystery doctor. Seriously, we never see this guy. We’ve heard him on the phone a couple of times but that’s it. Now, I don’t doubt his existence (pictures of their wedding are available online if you search), he probably just doesn’t want to be associated with a reality show but it is strange nevertheless.


This is Craig Conover. He graduated from Charleston Law School and is apparently the last one in his class to take the Bar Exam. He himself admits that this group of friends is nothing like him. On several occasions he has specifically said he should look for friends that have jobs unlike the rest of this crew. I get the feeling like he’s trying to be something he’s not – not in a bad way, in a fake-it-to-you-make-it way. He obviously aspires to live the life of the rest of the Southern Charm cast, but unlike the rest of them, he is making it happen as opposed to have been born into it.


We then have Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, a young mother with an old boyfriend (probably ex-boyfriend at this time). Kathryn and Thomas (who we will meet later) got picked up in whirlwind romance that would have ended a long time ago if it weren’t for their daughter Kensington. I think Kathryn is trying to make this relationship and life work, but she seems so unhappy. Apparently there is some negativity surrounding the fact that the baby was born out of wed-lock, and if she’s able to save this relationship she can save a little face. I say forget it, they’re already talking, let them keep talking and go your way, Kathryn!


Landon Clements recently moved back to Charlotte after a divorce. Most important thing to know about Landon – she is always laughing and when she laughs she reminds me of Renée Zellweger. She lives on a boat, which seems absolutely dreadful to me. Shep and Landon were friends when they were in school, but allegedly never got together. I think they would make a great couple!


Now seems like a good time to introduce, Shepard “Shep” Rose. I won’t deny it – he’s my favorite. He lives a life of leisure and privilege, he recognizes that and understands that others do not. He doesn’t feel the need to hide the befits he’s had as a result of his family, yet he is down to earth enough to recognize that his situation is rare and extraordinary. While he comes off as shabby and a bit simple, I think he is very well educated and forward thinking.


And then there’s scandal-ridden Thomas Ravenel. While serving at South Carolina Treasurer, he was convicted of cocaine distribution which led to his resignation and a stint in federal prison. This was in 2007, he was in his mid-40s, not exactly the kind of behavior you would expect from a politician. Nevertheless, he ran for Senate during this season. Due to his past, current scandals, and no-good ads, he lost. He may be one of the oldest in the cast, but certainly not one of the most mature. I find the way he treats Kathryn appalling. While I understand the whole “shame on you for having had a baby out of wedlock” thing that the community is putting on them, he didn’t have to add to Kathryn’s judgement by separating her from the campaign. It would have been nice for him to include her as he would a wife, seeing as they were living that way.


And lastly, Whitney Sudler-Smith. This is an instigator if I’ve ever seen one. By trade he is a producer and director, I can’t judge his work – I haven’t seen any of it. I just can’t get over how he treats people. I have nothing else to say about him.

I’m looking forward to the season finale next week. And, I think Bravo should make Southern Charm a franchise and have shows in other southern cities.

xo Iris

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