Stained Glass Art

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In all honesty, I’m borderline about to label this a fail.

Some of it worked well enough, but I won’t be displaying this in the living room. Or well, any room for that matter.

Stained Glass Art | Make it Amazing

Let’s begin with the first flaw – these are feathers, not leaves. I know, it’s difficult to tell the difference – that’s why I told you.

– frame with glass, preferably a floating frame (not sure how this would work on a frame with plastic)
– glass paint
– liquid leading
– application tool
– marker
– paper
– craft knife

I used a Plaid Gallery Glass window color set which cost about $8.00 after I used a coupon. I figured it was a great deal seeing as it included all of the necessary items – the paint, the liquid leading, and the applicator. Of the colors I attempted to use, about 4 of them were much too dense to use. I don’t know what the cause of that is – all I know is I wasn’t able to use them. Stained Glass Art | Make it Amazing

The first step is to decide what you want to draw out and sketch it on a piece of paper.

If for some reason you are totally impressed by my feathers/leaves, keep reading and you’ll find a free download. Stained Glass Art | Make it Amazing Stained Glass Art | Make it Amazing

Using the liquid leading is a bit tricky. You need to use a lot of pressure to keep the lines even. Stained Glass Art | Make it Amazing

Early one I realized that layers wouldn’t work. So, it was up to me to make sure that all of the edges were connected.

I let the liquid leading dry overnight. It dries hard to the touch. Stained Glass Art | Make it Amazing

I decided on painting on feather green, another purple, and the last red/pink. This is where the little pots came in handy. I was able to use a lot of colors without purchasing the full bottles. Stained Glass Art | Make it Amazing

The colors work best when they are very watery. They smooth out much better. You can notice this in the picture below. Take a look at the dark red verses the peach type color.Stained Glass Art | Make it Amazing

May I make a suggestion? Buy a floating frame. Learn from my mistake.

Having a background sort of goes against the point of the stained glass art.

So, I trimmed out small pieces of the frame backing (just enough to allow the metal hinges to hold the glass. Stained Glass Art | Make it Amazing Stained Glass Art | Make it Amazing

As you can see, the blue/purple feather came out a lot darker than the other two. It’s difficult to gauge what the final color will be of the glass paints. Stained Glass Art | Make it Amazing

If I could figure out a way to separate the pink/red feather, I’d keep it. But I don’t want to even think about cutting glass and the potential injuries could result.Stained Glass Art | Make it Amazing

Want to use the same feather template I did? Find it in the Vault.

xo Iris

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