Travel Journal – The Preparation

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There are so many little things that happen during I trip that I want to document, and yet they are forgotten by the time I begin on documenting those memories.

Inspired by several memory keepers, I decided that I would prepare a travel journal to take along with me on my trip to the Caribbean. Something where I could write long form if I wanted to. Something where I could keep small bits and pieces that wouldn’t ordinarily make it in to a scrapbook.

Travel Journal Prep | Make it Amazing

The first thing I did was find a color palette for this project. Obviously it was going to include blues, seeing as we were going to the Caribbean and there’s well water. I added in some hues of green and yellow to round it out. Travel Journal Prep | Make it Amazing

I put together a little collection of items picked for this particular project.

Washi tape was a definite must. Travel Journal Prep | Make it Amazing

As for the other elements, I DIY’d them to include the dates I’d be traveling (this replaced the need for a date stamp) and a few vellum pieces that with relevant icons that I downloaded from flaticon.Travel Journal Prep | Make it Amazing

Travel Journal Prep | Make it Amazing

Eating is a big part of traveling for me, so I made this labels to use to document the meals I’d have.Travel Journal Prep | Make it Amazing Lastly, I printed out some word labels that matched the color scheme and included phrases I figured would be relevant.  Travel Journal Prep | Make it Amazing

I printed out the designs on sticker paper and cut them out by hand.

As for my supply kit, I included the following:
– watercolor set
– brush
– pen
– pencil
– hole punch
– mini stapler
– eraser
– glue stick
– small scissorsTravel Journal Prep | Make it Amazing

The watercolor set I found at Wal-Mart for just 50 cents! An awesome find! The colors are great, but the brush wasn’t so I took a better one with me.

In case you’re wondering, I had absolutely no issues taking the stapler and the scissors on the plane. Travel Journal Prep | Make it Amazing

I used the Cinch Bookbinding tool to bind some blank pages and a chipboard cover. I used watercolor to decorate the cover and lettered Caribbean right onto it.

Next week I’ll be showing you what I kept and documented during my trip.

xo Iris

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