Yes Please! – A Book Review

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yes-please-coverLate last year, half of America’s favorite female comedy duo released a semi-autobiographical quasi-self help book, I’m talking about Amy Poehler and her book, Yes Please.


I read the 329 page book in just a few sittings. And it’s the only book I’ve read from start to finish in over a year. While that may say a lot about me, I’m saying it to say a lot about this book. It was light-hearted, spirited and quick. A great and easy read for a lazy afternoon.

Amy Poehler is a celebrity. After you read the book, you realize she is like a regular person. Well, a regular person who is hilarious, has famous friends, and has managed to create an amazing life. After reading Yes Please I want Amy to be my best friend. I mean, she has already taught me so much, I can only imagine all of the other nuggets of life-changing advice she has to share.


Our talents, or perhaps our looks, or perhaps our family, whatever it is, we each have a currency. A special something that adds value to the world we live in. Figure out what your currency is and become its central bank. Be in charge of its value, its exchange rate. Know that it is different than the next person’s currency, but just as valuable. Don’t do business in a foreign currency, it just doesn’t make sense.

Amy talks about her tribe, her group of people whom she can count on. In the case of Seth Meyers, she wrote about how he had been present in several momentous occasions in her life, even before they knew each other. That somehow we are already connected to our tribes, we may be alongside them during pivotal moments in their lives and we don’t even know it. Yet. Someday things will come together.


I highly recommend this book for someone who is looking for an easy and pleasant read. Also, if anyone knows Amy personally, I’d appreciate an introduction.

xo Iris


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